Create A Hotmail Account

Creating Hotmail account is an easy process and takes just few minutes.

  • Open URL of Hotmail
  • Click option “Create account”.
  • Fill the form and click on an option at the end to create an account.
  • The process of getting an account on Hotmail platform is done.


Once the account is created, there are some important points that users should remember for the safety and security of the account.

Tips that will help in Hotmail account protection

  • Never share password

Password is the key of email account. Therefore, it has to keep secretly, thus never share your account password with anyone.

In-case if the situation comes where you had to share your login details, then immediately change it once the work is done.

  • Change password

Changing password at regular interval of time is the best way to protect the account from hacking related threat. Therefore, make yourself habitual with the practice of changing account password every week or after fifteen days. Learn about tips to create good passwords. Sometime user creates tough password for the account and at times it becomes too tough for them to recall it.

  • Never answer to suspicious emails

Getting spam or suspicious emails in inbox is very common. But, you have to be very careful in handling them. The best practice to deal with suspicious emails is, do not answer them instead, report issue to support a team of Hotmail if the issue is serious and prevail for a long time.

  • Never use public computer

Accessing email account on public machine is not safe, there is illegal workers present who uses different type of tricks to take login credential. Therefore, avoid accessing of Hotmail account on a public machine. However, if it is really important to do so, then change the password of the account immediately.

  • Never leave account unsigned

Leaving account unsigned, meaning giving invitation to threats. Therefore, make a habit of signing off the account once the work is done. Also, check the setting of accounts at regular interval of time for the presence of other email IDs.

  • Create tough password for account

It is not like password is the only way to get access of account for hackers. Yet, it is one of the easiest ways. Therefore, never keep easy to judge password for your account. The password should be tough to hack, but easy to recall. You can use a combination of numbers and letters to create good passwords.

Creating password with memorable days, name, date of birth is a bad idea, as hackers easily get clue of it.

  • Never download suspicious attachments

If you have received any attachment in an email that seems suspicious to you then do not download unless you have a scanner in your machine. Hackers these days have become very smart. They send attachments to user’s account to take out their personal details.

In the new era of communication, email has multiple benefits. People have it not just to share data, but also to manage their day to day work. Therefore, protection of email account is very important. By working on these tips, user can protect their account to a large extent.

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